Hiroshi Yamano

Nagare _19 - Hiroshi  Yamano

Nagare #19

hot sculpted, cold worked  
7 x 12 x 6 in

Japan is a country that has four distinct seasons, and the seasons have traditionally been a popular subject in Japanese art. An appreciation of the changing seasons also permeates popular culture, as people take the time to enjoy scenes of natural beauty at different times of the year, to eat seasonal foods and to decorate their homes with objects that reflect the changing seasons. I, too, have a strong awareness of the natural world that surrounds me. As I grow older, I find myself wanting to spend more time in nature for the peace of mind that it brings to me. I value the simplicity and quiet that I encounter there, surrounded by the beauty of the Japanese landscape. My art is a reflection of that beauty; nature is the source of my creativity. In my work I want to interpret the feelings and sensations of having a close connection to nature, and through it share the beauty of the changing seasons in Japan with the viewer. In Nagare (a Japanese word meaning current), pieces are designed to be slightly askew, creating a sense of movement, or flow, in the work. They are an extension of his popular From East to West series, through which he explores the influence of both Eastern and Western cultures in his life.

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