SOFA Expo Chicago 2018

Bender Gallery exhibits some of today's leading contemporary established and emerging artists creating meaningful museum quality work. While the main focus of Bender Gallery is sculpture using glass in its creation we also represent highly respected painters and sculptors of other mediums.

Please stop by to see our artists work showcased in a brand new space in the center of downtown Asheville on "Gallery Row on Biltmore". We hope to see you at 29 Biltmore Ave.



ERIC HILTON                                            BERTIL VALLIEN

STEVE LINN                                             MARY VAN CLINE

WILLIAM MORRIS                                  STEVEN WEINBERG

MARK PEISER                                          HIROSHI YAMANO



MARTIN BLANK                                       CARMEN LOZAR


KIM GOLDFARB                                       TOLAND SAND

DOROTHY HAFNER                                DAVID SCHWARZ

NOEL HART                                              THOMAS SCOON

JOSHUA HERSHMAN                             VERUSKA VAGEN

FABIO MODICA                                        EMMA VARGA

STEVE JENSEN                                         JEN VIOLETTE



Featured Artist
Austyn Taylor

What is really going on with human beings and this planet? This is a question we all think about from time to time. Deep thoughts about human history, culture and our place in the universe are quickly overshadowed by more pressing everyday issues of life. Much of our American time is occupied with short term animal concerns; for basic needs like full battery, Wi-Fi and “likes”- what else is there? Of course, this is a very one dimensional view of modern life. In my figurative work I attempt both 2 and 3 dimensional feats of creation! Being raised within the symbolic system of American Saturday morning and weekly afternoon cartoons I always wondered what happens to these characters after the show? What sort of purgatory are they trapped in between scenes? I assumed their must be more to these flat characters.
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SOFA Expo Chicago 2018
September 24, 2018

Bender Gallery to exhibit at SOFA Expo Chicago 2018

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Summer of Glass
May 17, 2018

Bender Gallery will be hosting monthly exhibitions all year by internationally recognized artists and exciting fresh work by new faces during Summer of Glass in conjunction with the Chihuly Exhibition at the Biltmore Estate.

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