Carole Frève

Carole  Frève

About the Artist:

"Each piece is a reflection of my emotions, intuition, recollections and questions. I also seek to evoke the passage of time leaving its mark upon my works and memories. A container is extremely significant to me…it holds life, dreams…my breath.

I develop pieces slowly. Instead of getting frustrated, I decided to just accept the time it takes.”

Carole Frève


Carole Frève was born in Gatineau, Canada in 1967. She now lives and works in Montreal. She first studied Industrial Design and, after graduating in 1992, completed her studies with a three-year glass program at Espace Verre, in Montreal. Her work was shown at SOFA Chicago, New York and in several North American galleries. She combines glass blowing and kiln working with metal and copper electroplating, creating graceful, fluid, sculptural vessels. Her combination of materials, not traditionally united, allow her to create vessels that contrast yet complement each other. Carole's work has been featured in national and international publications including Glass Quarterly, 500 Glass objects, Fiberarts, and Neus Glass/New Glass.

”Frève is an original, an inventor, a pioneer – absolutely uncompromising in her artistic integrity. She refuses to create pieces in a perfunctory manner to fill orders. Every single piece must be inspired.”

Glass Quarterly no.94, by Heather Ritchie, p.41


1993-96      Technique des métiers d’arts- Glass option, Espace Verre, Montreal, Canada

1988-92      Industrial design, Graduated from University of Montreal, Canada

1991           Student exchange (3 months), Birmingham Polytechnique, Glass and Ceramic Department, Birmingham, UK