Satoshi Nishizaki

Satoshi  Nishizaki - Enjin (God of Marriage)

Enjin (God of Marriage)

laminated glass, ceramic  
17.25 x 4.9 x 4.9 in

The Goshintou series are sculptures of lamps by Satoshi Nishizaki. They are inspired by “t?r?” or lanterns that are placed at the front of Buddhist temples throughout Japan. The practice of placing the lanterns began by a desire to dedicate a pure light for Buddha or the deities at the temple. Enjin – the god of karma relationships depicts “en” or predestined bonds known as karma that signify the bonds between one person and another. Enjin, the Deity of En has the power to bring about close relationships between people. The artist created this piece with the prayer that married couples and families will continue to enjoy happiness.


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