Marco & Mattia Salvadore


About the Artist:

Studio Salvadore is a collaborative glass production team headed by Muranese artists Mattia and Marco Salvadore.

The two brothers began working as young boys alongside their father, the renowned maestro Davide Salvadore, in the studio Campanol e Salvadore. Both Mattia and Marco inherited their father's passion for glass blowing, and thus began to work with him full time after attending college. Later, Mattia perfected his skills with various Muranese masters and at the Pilchuck glass school near Seattle, while Marco traveled around the world to teach glass blowing techniques.

The Salvadores’ work is fresh, colorful and captivating. The artists concentrate on a few forms; simple, graceful elliptical shapes that frame the layered colors emerging from the glass matter. A signature of the Salvadore family is the use of swatches of color encased in transparent or opaque glass with large custom made murrine applied on the surface.

In a family business, there is always the chance that younger generations won’t want to follow in their elders’ footsteps. Davide Salvadore, whose family has blown glass on the Venetian island of Murano for almost four centuries, considered this a possibility with his sons Mattia and Marco. He even encouraged them to explore other professions. The elder Salvadore explains that he tried to show his sons the “ugly” side of the job; the blazing heat and hours of physical labor required to create something beautiful. But it’s in their blood and so they create.

Working with their father in the same studio, the brothers, in their early 30s,  are constantly exposed to traditional Venetian techniques and enthusiastically use them in their collaborative pieces. To those skills, however, Mattia and Marco add an element of bold, youthful improvisation. The resulting works are at once classically exquisite and uniquely experimental.

Several intricate, exacting works by the elder Salvadore are also offered by Bender Gallery and illustrate the dramatic difference that one generation can make. 

Additional Information:

Birthplace: Murano, Italy

Associated Exhibitions

SOFA Expo Chicago 2017
Returning to SOFA to exhibit exhilarating new work by a group of both established and emerging artists
2 November - 5 November, 2017