December 8, 2019
Bender Gallery creates fund to purchase "Reflections on Unity" for the Asheville Art Museum.

Most people in the Asheville area are aware of the breathtaking 6 foot blue orb sculpture sitting atop a boulder of local granite that has recently been installed in a prominent place in Pack Square: in the courtyard in front of the newly unveiled Asheville Art Museum. This monumental work of art was created by American sculptor Henry Richardson and is entitled “Reflections on Unity”. The curatorial staff carefully chose this particular sculpture to commemorate the reopening of the Museum as it is a statement of inclusion and equality which reflects the warm and diverse culture of the city and is especially relevant given the division in our country today.

What most folks do not know however, is that the sculpture is not a permanent fixture of Pack Square; it is only on loan from the artist for one year. We at Bender Gallery believe that “Reflections on Unity” should become a permanent fixture on the landscape of downtown Asheville. By doing so, we can memorialize the cultural center of the city and celebrate Asheville’s unique, inclusive culture. We believe that it would be a huge asset to the city to be able to purchase “Reflections on Unity” so that all can enjoy it for years to come. In support of this, Bender Gallery is creating a “Reflections on Unity Fund” and will be donating twenty percent of the sale of Henry Richardson's work to this fund. We hope you will consider a piece of Richardson's deeply meaningful work for your home, office or landscape. We have several smaller orbs at the gallery suitable for indoors and have access to all of Richardson’s available work. Henry also welcomes commissions and is exceptionally experienced in creating a sculpture to reflect your dreams.

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